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Atelier HALEWIJN brings you one-of-a-kind jewellery creations; ethical & sustainable design with a heart! All pieces are handcrafted by Halewijn at the atelier in Karlskrona (Sweden). Each gemstone- & pearl embroidered jewel is meticulously made down to the tiniest detail, ensuring top quality craftsmanship and artistry.


All featured pieces are available on request. If a jewellery piece is not available in your size or sold out, you can still order your custom requested jewellery creations by getting in touch here, this without any additional charges!


For press-images in high resolution; get in touch here for more info.

  CORAL CANYON // couture 2018

  NORDKAPP // men´s jewelry 2018

  NEBULA // couture jewelry 2018

  GOTHICA // ready-to-wear JEWELRY 2018

  SÁGA // ready-to-wear jewelry 2017

  GOTHICA 2017

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