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contribution to ::

"A Day in the World - Ett dygn i tusen bilder"

("Fingerborg", p.430), as published by Bokförlaget Max Ström in association with and Expressions of Humankind foundation

Stockholm (SE :: 2013) 


contribution to ::

"Becoming a Fashion Designer",

by Lisa J. Springsteel and

published by John Wiley & Sons, inc., Hoboken, New Jersey (USA :: 2013)



"Fair Trade Products"

collaboration to promote "Världsbutiken Karlskrona"

(the Karlskrona Fair Trade shop)

Sweden :: 2014

"Explosive Nature"

Santorini, Greece :: 2014

"Bali - Now & Then"

Bali, Indonesia :: 2013

"Garden of Eden"

Iceland :: 2012


The camera as a visual voice to tell stories, to catch that one second in time.


Is it reality or is it a dream? Which story do you prefere; the image or its reflection? Or the image of your imagination?


In an ever changing world, mankind leaves traces in all things & souls it touches along its path of life. What impact does that have on the elements involved?


To live is to see... that detail - that emotion - where heart & soul come together in a sparkle of cosmic energy...

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